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If these tiny pieces of our planet could talk ...

It’s fascinating what time does to us all; what it does to everything around us. Life wants to happen on our planet. Everything around us supports life in one way or another. I picked up these little pieces during my walks on streets, beaches, meadows, in forests, valleys, and flea markets. I admired their beauty and wondered what they had been through.

Each of these little sculptures is a celebration of the beauty of every stage and shape of life on Earth.

Pieces of trees that had been cut, burnt, tossed by the waves, eaten by worms, served as shelter, used as tools and toys. Rocks that had once been fluid. Seeds that come from other seeds. Feathers – warming, seducing, flying. Shells, petals, nuts... I try not to alter the pieces, but to use them as they are and appreciate exactly that stage of their existence that I found them in.

Some of the figurines/sculptures are fully international; made of pieces from different countries.

I started assembling them during the COVID-19 lockdown. Travelling wasn’t possible. I was alone, and these little pieces brought back memories, conversations, comfort.

I would like to inspire you, wherever you are in the world, to notice little parts and pieces of our planet, and possibly send a piece to me. Maybe with a little story about where the piece is from and why it got your attention. I will then use them to build a figurine/sculpture. It would be great if the pieces came from as many parts of the world as possible.

I would love to open my mail box one day and find a nut that was sent from another continent, or a piece of wood that got someone’s attention somewhere in the world.

Let’s build an Earthling together!